Me, myself and I

My human name is José (IPA: /ʒo.ze/.) and my hacker name is xiam. I'm a self-taught software engineer based in Mexico City.

I love working with people and computers. I started coding and learning about computers at age 13 and now I have experience on a wide range of technology related topics from programming to systems design and management. I believe in the power of discipline, responsibility and hard work mixed with self-care and empathy.

I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful states in México: Oaxaca. You should go there if you have the opportunity. Feel free to ask me for recommendations ;-).

I'm a very energetic person who enjoys living, drawing, working out, dancing, shitposting, hiking, coding, driving and meeting up with diverse people. Hit me up, I'm always down for a beer!

I'm also a Open Source Software contributor and publisher. Se habla español.