Releasing hyperfox 2.0 and arpfox 1.0

Releasing hyperfox 2.0 and arpfox 1.0

Hyperfox and arpfox are a favorite of mine. I initially wrote them to improve my understanding of Go's network stack and I end up gaining a lot more experience than just knowing a bit more about network stuff.

After many years I finally made some time to give them some love. I rewrote Hyperfox's UI with React and I did a quick pass on my old Go code. You know how it is like to see your old code. I tried to not fixate on wanting to rewrite everything, to keep it to some small refactors here and there, to delete stuff I never had time to complete, to forget about things I don't want to do anymore, etc.

Go's changed a lot on these years, but its stdlib remains stable. That's what I like about Go, each change has to be well planned and careful. I think the most annoying thing was having to move to go mod, which actually wasn't that difficult. Now I kind of like go mod.

Information security is a pain the ass, and it will remain like that for a very long time. Even if mobile devices are getting more and more secure, and even if we're wiping SSL 3.0 off the face of the earth, we still have IoT devices that can connect to the Internet but that don't know anything about chains of trust or encryption or clock synchronization or (perish the thought) software updates. Why in the name of $DEITY do we dare to connect things to the Wild Wild Web that won't ever be able to receive updates?

I seriously don't know why we use computers for anything that matters. I guess we humans like doing crazy stuff.

Anyways, I also wrote a tutorial on how to use Hyperfox and arpfox for MITM operations.

Keep hacking and stay safe!